To 2022 Graduates

Thank you for being a part of The Navigators during your college years! Walking with you during your time as a student has been an honor. Your next chapter is just beginning, and we are thrilled about your desire to walk with Jesus and make disciples wherever you go. We know you may not be on campus anymore, but we are writing today to remind you of one thing we are sure you already know—you can live out your faith wherever you are. One thing you might not know—The Navigators is committed to helping you do just that. How exactly? The Navigators 20s Ministry is a great place to start!

God wants to use you in every place you go in life! The 20s Ministry exists to help you advance the gospel and make disciples wherever you live, work, and hang out. As you look for a job, we encourage you to consider getting connected with one of our 20s Ministry cities.  Even if you are moving to a city that does not have a 20s Ministry, there is a good chance that a Navigator disciple-maker lives near there, too; we’d love to help connect you with them!

On our website, you can check out our blog, Refresh (enjoy your first edition at the end of the month), and find some of our resources. We’re passionate about seeing you flourish in Christ and want to help you make disciples. We will do all we can to help!

In addition, because we believe that fellowship is an essential part of your continued growth, we encourage you to take a look at “Church Shopping 101” from Navigator Church Ministries. Feel free to email to get a recommendation for a local church staff contact, where available.


Ben Nugent – Navigators Collegiate Mission Director

Alec Glass – Navigators 20s Ministry Lead

Dane Allphin – Navigators Church Ministries Lead