Why is this survey so important? “Evidence suggests that while 89% of chief academic officers believe most students are adequately prepared for postsecondary education or the workforce, 40% of students and over 80% of employers do not agree that graduates have sufficient skills.” (Gallup 2015). This large discrepancy demonstrates the need for a new way to evaluate student preparedness, and why many leaders in both industry and education encouraged Pairin to address this great need.

What is the Parin Survey? Pairin is the most comprehensive system available for measuring career readiness. The Pairin Survey is based on over 60 years of scientific research. Their unique targets make it possible to use one survey for multiple purposes including self-understanding, pathways to growth, and fitness for specific jobs. The survey is a norm-referenced standardized test consisting of 300 adjectives and adjectival phrases commonly used to describe a person’s behavioral attributes. It takes about 15-20 minutes to take.

What will you get from this survey? While other measurements with similar goals exist, Pairin’s is unique in its quantitative and accurate approach to measuring virtually every non-cognitive skill necessary for life and work preparedness. Their tailor made individual reports cluster these skills into multiple categories and gives a percent readiness in each category. It also describes your four strongest qualities (general style, motivator, emotional intelligence, and guiding virtue). The Pairin organization has also prepared an orientation video (less than 4 minutes) and handout to help you understand and apply your results.

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