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In Navigators 20s, we focus on four key areas for thriving in your twenties. With Jesus front and center, we call these areas the Four Pursuits. To get started in the pursuit of Christ, Work, Mission, and Community we encourage you to read these booklets from our Right Where You Are® series.

Getting to Know God Through a Daily Quiet Time
—Mike Jordahl

Knowing Him deeply and personally is worth any life’s pursuit. Mike Jordahl, The Navigators senior vice president of recruiting, gives insight on the importance of spending time in the Word and applying it to your life daily.

Work: Where Life and Calling Meet
—Jerry White

What did God intend for us when He created the gift of work? How should we view it and think about it today? Jerry White, former President of The Navigators and retired Air Force General, shares from the Scriptures and his own insight on the topic of work.

Reading the Bible with Friends Who Don’t Believe It
—Jim Peterson

The transforming power of the Scriptures is immeasurable. But how do I get into the Bible with my friend? Jim Petersen, who pioneered the Navigator work in Latin America, shares compelling stories, Scripture, and thoughts about the significance of reading the Bible with non-believing friends and practical tips on how to start.

Telling His Story by Telling Yours
—Joe Maschhoff

Your life story is valuable, unique, and worth sharing. It is an expression of God’s Story. Joe Maschhoff, the Navigators Caribbean Director, offers some practical tools on how to develop and share effectively the story of what God has done in your life.

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