Stories for the Refresh blog

Are you encouraged when you hear people share stories of God’s faithfulness and lessons they’ve learned?

Do you have stories in your own life that could encourage others?

Refresh (our Nav20’s blog) exists to encourage 20s in the pursuits of Faith, Vocation, Mission, and Community. We desire the stories shared to encourage you and others like a glass of cool water on a hot day. Where when you need it, at the start of your next adventure. 

We judge the success of each story by answering the question: “Was the reader encouraged and reminded of what’s good and true?”

I have a story but I'm not a writer

Who says you aren’t a writer? Give it a try! But if you really aren’t comfortable writing but want to encourage others with your story, we’re happy to help. We have editors ready to talk with you and turn your story into a Refresh article, no writing (on your part) required.

I don't know what to write about

Are you inspired but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas of what you could write about:

Faith – Pursue Christ, walk with Him, and become like Him

  • Share about a time God answered or didn’t answer your prayer and how it affected you. 
  • Consider a study of Scripture and how it impacted your life. Give insights about what you learned about the importance of the Bible, without preaching the importance. Tell your story about the question, challenge or joy that led you to this Scripture. 
  • Tell a story about how you relied on Christ in a struggle with sin, an area of addiction or some other life challenge. 

Vocation – Honor Christ in your workplaces home or other place where you serve

  • Share a story about a relationship you have at work. What is God teaching you through this relationship? 
  • Share a lesson about time management, effort, or the kind of character needed to serve. 
  • Write about something you have learned about why your work is important or how it fits the way God has designed you? Or write about how your work has helped you grow? 

Mission – Living and discipling among those without Christ 

  • Share a discovery about what is essential for you to be on mission (boundaries, gifting, etc.). 
  • What is helping you develop relationships or to reach out to people in your spheres of influence (at work, in your neighborhood, at the gym or other places)? What kind of skills, character, patience are needed? 
  • What struggles have you experienced being “in the world” but not “of the world?” 
  • Share insights about growing in relevance as you relate to your friends without Christ. 

Community – With Christ-followers of like heart and purpose

  • Share a story about what it takes to find community out in “the real world.” What changes in habits, expectations, etc. does it take? 
  • Discipleship after college – How do you find mentors? Become a mentor? How is community the same after college; how is it different? 
  • Write about mistakes and lessons in regards to growing in purity in dating relationships. 
  • Share Scripture/stories that have helped you develop healthy friendships with the opposite sex. 

Ok, sounds good, what's next?

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