A Mentor’s Perspective

Because my youngest daughter is in her early twenties, investing in the 20s age group is first and foremost a personal decision for me. I am committed to being my daughter’s cheerleader as she navigates difficult waters in this season of great uncertainty. With many “opportunities” for her voice to be silenced as she advocates for social justice and equity, I feel a responsibility as her mom and as a minister of the gospel to ensure that she is allowed to discover her growing influence both spiritually and professionally.

In your twenties, there are so many choices and decisions that await you, and it can feel overwhelming. I recall many times in my twenties when I needed an older adult to speak into my life and to provide encouragement and spiritual investment. It was in my twenties that I discovered how to intimately recognize God’s voice and to follow His leading. It was in my twenties where I began to see God forge my career path, from very sketchy and seemingly disconnected pathways to a cohesive series of events which led to a strategically-directed journey.

I love the energy, the passion, and the vibe of this stage of life. Barely in the throes of adulthood, and yet wrestling with the tension of independence, survival, and autonomy, it is a fascinating stage of life. There is also so much I can learn and have learned from my twenty-something friends and family. I admire the uninhibited way you are able to embrace others—especially those who are different or who live in the margins of life. The openness of your hearts, without the pervasive biases that are often evident in my generation, fill my heart with hope for a better humanity.

I am happy to have a front row seat in the many different venues that God will use to carve out a path for the lives of this transformational generation!


  • Where are you in the process of adjusting to life in your twenties? Do you need someone to talk to? Do you think you are ready to pass on what you’ve been learning? Does anyone comes to mind?
  • Wanda will be speaking at the upcoming 20s Gathering, November 14-15. Her topic is Abiding & Suffering: How the gospel advances through adversity. Please consider joining us.

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