Don’t Miss the Real Story of Your Life

The movie Darkest Hour details just how close to the edge of destruction Britain came in WWII. Nearly their whole army—300,000 men—was trapped on the shores of Dunkirk, sitting ducks for the Nazis. The story is awash in desperation—and human courage—most notably that of the irascible Winston Churchill. The backstory, though, is the one you […]

Not Living the Dream: Lessons Learned While Waiting

Note from Dean Storelli: I have known Michael since 2000, when he showed up at Duke as a freshman. He had been living with epilepsy since high school. Michael is an endurance champion: After 12 years, he has found a job he just about likes. At 36, he got married, and for the first time […]

Hurt. Depressed. Believing.

It was a devastating year. It felt as though some of my closest friends had betrayed me. For six years, my wife and I had given life and soul to serve the college, high school, and junior high school students of our church. But that year, the year of my 30th birthday, I was fired […]

Your Leadership Will Benefit from a “Core” Workout

NOTE: This month, NavPress is publishing a new book by a good friend of ours, Tom Yeakley. He and his wife, Dana, spent ten years mentoring ministry leaders in Indonesia before returning to the United States, where they both have been in leadership roles at the national level for The Navigators ever since. Tom has […]

“Yes” to Jesus, “No” to the Latest Food Trends

Have you ever had a moment that completely changed the trajectory of your life? One of those for me was the most miserable I have ever been in my life. I was in my dorm room sophomore year of college, curled up in a ball, my gut on fire. What is going on, Lord? While lying […]

The Myth of “Balance”

I’ve often been encouraged to find the right work/life balance. I don’t believe this is a concept that is from God, and here’s why. Balance speaks to the pressure to manage life out of limitation or even deficit. Our calendars become a zero-sum game where we strive to get all the parts to fit “just […]

My 3 “Good Reasons” Not to Rest

For years, my husband, Chris, encouraged me in taking a weekly Sabbath, yet I resisted. How could that even be possible with the constant demands of a young family, a group of women I was investing in, events to plan, and the never-ending, bottomless dirty clothes hamper? A weekly Sabbath just wasn’t possible, at least […]

Expect the Unexpected

Last summer, Greg and I decided to make use of our tent and brave the wilderness for a night of camping in northern Minnesota. We planned our meals, booked our site, packed our bags and put our bikes on the rack. Everything, we thought, was ready. As soon as we arrived and set up the […]

Self-Care: Living Life in the Overflow

I am a “yes” person. When it comes to my job, my friends, or my family, I always want to say YES! Yes to helping people, yes to being with people and yes to loving someone better. I thrive saying yes, knowing that I’m saying yes to God’s work of loving  people. But I easily […]

How Are You…Really?

People say that being genuine is rare. One morning, my co-worker seemed a little down. I looked him in the eyes and asked honestly, “How are you doing?” That morning greeting led to lunch, then to dinner and, finally, to me interacting with him and his family. I felt way out of my league and […]