If you are paid staff, it is an expectation that you will attend our annual Gathering. If you are associate staff, it‘s our hope that you will make it a priority to attend, as well, if possible. Spouses of staff are also invited to join us, regardless of Navigator involvement. This year, however, we are not inviting the rest of the young adults in our ministry networks this year. We are aiming this year’s Gathering at encouraging and preparing our 20s Ministry staff for the work of equipping everyday people to be disciple-makers in their spheres of influence. While all staff are invited to attend the full conference, there will be a transition around lunch on Sunday, before our last 24 hours together, so that those who need to leave early can do so.

We will provide onsite accommodations for those who feel more comfortable with increased social distancing (separate space with stricter guidelines, including mask-wearing).

The registration rate, which includes costs for meals and meeting expenses, is $275. Transportation and accommodations are separate expenses to be made on your own or in coordination with others.

When registering online you will be asked to agree that you will attend the conference only if one or more of the following is true: 

  1. You have been fully vaccinated. 
  2. You have a negative result from a PCR COVID-19 test within three days prior to attending the event. 
  3. You have had COVID-19 within the last 90 days and no longer have symptoms.

If you cancel by October 18, 2021, you will be refunded all but $100 per person.  No refunds will be given on or after October 19, 2021, unless the cancellation is due to a major medical issue.  These fees help offset the expenses already incurred in anticipation of your attendance. Refunds will be made using the same payment method used. If you change your registration from attending in-person to remotely, you will be refunded the difference. 

Please email nav20s@navigators.org to request any needed changes.

The conference room rates can be found on the hotel page. You may reserve additional nights for your personal stay at the same rate (plus tax) based upon availability.

Complete instructions are available on the hotel page.

Yes! Details on reserving a spot and cost can be found on the travel page.

Details on which airports to use can be found on the travel page

We recognize that there is a financial cost to attending the Gathering, and we want to serve our staff in meeting that need! There are two primary ways we are offering financial help.

  1. Ministry Partner Development has provided tools and resources to equip staff to raise funds for the conference. These downloadable resources can be found under “Are there fundraising resources for this event?” below.
  2. If you find that you need financial assistance to cover the cost of the conference registration, please email: nav20s@navigators.org

On the MPD website you will find resources to help with fundraising for this conference. Once you link to the MPD website, scroll to the bottom of the page.  On the left side of the page under Resources select Ministry Partner Communication. Under Funding Letter Toolkits click on Conference. Here you will find files to download that will help you with your conference fundraising. 

If you have any questions contact mpd@navigators.org

  • Transportation for yourself.
  • Transportation for your spouse if he or she is considered staff. (Spouses of Navigator representatives and Navigator interns are usually considered staff.)
  • Conference registration.
  • Hotel registration for the days you’re there on Navigator business.
  • Entertainment related to your staff team.
  • Meals for you and your spouse that are not provided during the conference.

The hotel is able to provide special meals for those who are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, or have a specific food allergy. 

Breakfast will be grab-n-go in the Linkside Foyer.

Yes, when you register and select the In-Person in Florida option, this question will appear “Will your spouse be at the resort but not join the conference?”. When you answer “yes” it will give you meal only options for your spouse. Due to limited room capacity we only have so many additional meals we can provide. Once full this option will no longer be available.