God’s Grace and Charcuterie: How to Create a Welcoming Charcuterie Board

A couple of years ago, I met a friend at church. She and I realized we had much in common, and we became friends quickly. One evening, she invited my husband and me to wine and cheese with another couple at their house. 

We grabbed a hunk of decent-looking cheese, not really knowing much about it, from the deli, a nice bottle of wine and headed over to her house. 

When we arrived, her dogs greeted us, and then she guided us into the dining room, where she invited us to sit around a table with the most incredible charcuterie spread. Suddenly, I was not simply having wine and cheese; I was having a five-star experience. We sat at the table in awe.

Once everyone else was seated, we giggled awkwardly and felt entirely out of place. My friend was so casual about the evening. I thought my hunk of cheese was the expectation, but she had gone above and beyond what I would have ever expected. I didn’t even know what to do. And so we asked her for help. What should we start with? What is this brown paste-looking stuff? Oh, it’s paté from France. Why didn’t I know that? I know there is “paté” cat food, but this looks a lot more appealing than cat food. 

I felt so out of place. 

We began eating per her recommendations and were delightfully astonished. Everything was good. We soon relaxed and stayed for hours late into the night. We talked and laughed and felt so spoiled. It was one of the few moments in my life where I was living fully in a person’s grace and love with no conditions. We later learned she went to a distinguished culinary school and had previously worked as a pastry chef in a luxury hotel for many years. 

There was no way I could ever repay her generosity and hospitality. She had years of experience and expertise. 

But God is the same way.

I work hard, hoping God will see me doing a good job and pat me on the back. But sometimes, I mess up, make big mistakes, and feel suddenly ashamed. 

No matter what I do, I cannot outperform or amount to the grace God has given us. Every day, we are invited to the Father’s house with what we can offer, and He takes our broken pieces and places them alongside His glory. He spoils us with His grace and wants to be with us in the special events, but also in the mundane. 


What if we showed a glimpse of the kind of grace God gives in our lives? Here are my friend’s top tips on how to create a charcuterie board that feels like a spoiled treat, along with tips on how to make guests feel honored:

Tip #1: Define your theme. 

Consider the people who will be there, the type of event, and why you are creating a charcuterie board. If the theme is healthy eating, focus on more greens and plant-based options. If the theme is desserts, lean into sweet treats. My friend even says she’s tried color themes like red and green for Christmas and warm brown tones for Thanksgiving. 

Tip #2: Consider Location

For example, if the charcuterie board is on a table next to a wall, ensure the food items are accessible from three sides. Also, consider the location of items on the board based on the flow, messiness, and popularity. With these insights in mind, you can begin building with the materials, such as bowls, wooden boards, serving vessels, etc, keeping a layering concept in mind. 

Tip #3: Add the Main Food Items

Lay out higher-value items like cheeses, meats, and entremets. Since these items will be mains on people’s plates, spread them throughout the board. 

Tip #4: Add Accoutrements

These foods include fruits, nuts, seeds, jams, spreads, chocolate, etc. These items are served alongside the main items to enrich the flavors of the mains.

Tip #5: Bread and Crackers

Finally, add bread and crackers! Place these items near the meat and cheese items you intend to pair. 

Tip #6: Add Ideal Utensils

She says to add the ideal utensils to each food item because, as an active buffet, we want people to refrain from touching on all the laid-out food. She says people will likely use the utensils if available. 

Tip #7: Add final touches

Add color and brightness to your board with herbs, flowers, and foliage. 

Hopefully, these tips and insights will help you with your next hosting event and remind you of the grace God has given you every day. We can never outrun, outperform, or repay God for the grace He has given. Let’s learn to sit in His unconditional grace every day— and give the same kind of love to others.


Be refreshed.

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