Start with One

Making disciples of the people in our lives

A couple years ago, The Lord answered a prayer by bringing Thomas into my life as a mentor.

We started off by meeting once a week during my lunch break at work. Thomas was there to meet me where I was at in life and walk alongside me with whatever I was going through. He listened to the trials I was going through, we read and learned how to apply scripture, we also spent time just hanging out whether it be getting food, watching football, or going for a bike ride.

What Thomas might not have known at the time was that I was walking with God alone for about 6 years. He showed me that though that was possible, it is not how God intended us to walk. Thomas became the big brother I never had and He has been faithful in his commitment to walking with me ever since. 

Seeing what Thomas has done for me gave me the realization that I should do the same for my friend, Nick. Nick and I have been friends for quite some time now and we would always talk about the Lord but never really had structure to our conversations. We didn’t have a specific time carved out to talk about life, read through scripture, and just hangout. I thought some structure might be good for us so I decided to ask Nick if he would be interested in doing so every Monday to which he agreed with more excitement than I’d thought! Our conversations have been nothing but encouraging for both of us. In a way, I see that doing this with Nick is teaching me accountability. One day I will be the spiritual leader in my own family so doing this now with my friend is good preparation. Nick also has a family of his own and so my prayer is that the seeds Thomas planted in me, will go to Nick, and eventually my family as well as his family.

Thomas poured into me so I can pour into others. Just like my early walk with Christ, Nick was walking alone. He now has me to walk along with him.


Tim Chou, who is part of the network of folks this story is about has this to say about disciplemaking:

  • Matthew 28:19-20 – Disciplemaking is a Beautiful Art
  • 2 Timothy 2:2 – Spiritual Generations
  • Making disciples takes time, lots of time, but it is so well worth it 🙂
  • We learn 100% of what we teach 🙂

Getting started in this art is not difficult. You don’t need a program or curriculum. You just need someone to ask.

Please keep Elliot and Nick’s families in your prayers, and please pray that Nick would also have a heart to disciple others around him 🙂

Thank you and God bless!


 This is from Elliot Threat Jr, part of our crew down in San Diego.


Be refreshed.

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