Discovering You 

If I am honest, my 20s is where I struggled the most with the question “who am I?” It was the time I pondered deepest about who I am and what really makes me “me” and truly began my journey to try to figure out the way the Lord created me.

The first thing I realized is that I have a ton of different facets. I am complex. No person can be fully encapsulated by looking at the outside or even one layer in. To get to the center, I had to peel back a layer at a time. Digging into who we are can be scary at times, but if we know we are created for a purpose, we know we must dive in deeper. So, along my journey, I started learning more about the different personality tests that are out there.

Hear me out. I know that personality tests cannot capture fully how perfectly and wonderfully made we are, but I do believe they can help us grasp our identity in Christ just a little bit better and can help us operate using more of our skills, gifts, and characteristics to glorify God and expand His kingdom. 

As I dug into the results of one test, the Enneagram, I learned that I am a “two” (The Helper). I always knew I liked helping others, but the test helped me go deeper. I learned that I am good at viewing the world through the needs and desires of people. Some of the strengths of an Enneagram type two are generosity, empathy, and self-sacrificing. In my job and at home, I am helping all the time! It’s not a mistake or accident but how the Lord has gifted me. Being genuinely willing and able to care for others is part of how I bring Him glory. 

But I also learned that because of the sinful world we live in, I need to be careful with the way my personality can come out. I learned that twos can sometimes be people-pleasers and be taken advantage of. I also learned that because I give so much, if I don’t get it in return, I can become bitter. It was really helpful for me to be aware of my weaknesses so I can prayerfully combat them.  


I like the personality tests below because they point out our strengths and our weaknesses: they teach us about our strengths so that we can live them out but also point out our weaknesses so that we can continue to grow.

As you dig into your results, I hope you find more clarity about how uniquely made you are and that you will be inspired to use the skills, gifts, and characteristics He purposely gave you. The world needs to see you for you. Even before you were born, God knew all about you, and He has a unique plan for you. God’s words to Jeremiah apply to every one of us: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” (Jeremiah 1:5, NIV). 


Be refreshed.

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