Always Only Add

When I started my first corporate level marketing position, I determined to “always only add.” I decided I was going to use my hands to build, not tear down, and that no matter who I worked with, I only wanted to add – no matter what.

One day, a man on my team (who passed a lot of judgment), was eating cake at a small birthday celebration at work. At the party, he told someone they were “living a sedentary life” and to “mind what you eat.” Later, when he passed my desk and fell into his chair saying, “Whew, I’m tired,”  I wanted to respond, “Passing all that judgment can wear you out!” But I didn’t; instead I started drafting an email to a coworker about it.

While typing, I glanced at the only hot-pink sticky hanging around my monitors. “If I sent this,” I thought, “all I am doing is stirring up an ‘us-against-them’ mentality in a team environment.” I wasn’t looking at the good, I wasn’t building a relationship or respect – I wasn’t adding anything.

I don’t have to like everyone, but I do have to love everyone. People are people, and I am no greater. If I am going to love them, I need to love them all the time. God wants to and can use us at all moments, in every moment. At all times, I need to remember: if I am not adding, I am in the way.

I deleted the email.

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