Keeping People at Arm’s Length

Before I was following Jesus & before I got to know Ann in my senior year of high school, I was deeply committed to two things—NEVER getting married and keeping Jesus distant. 

I saw the carnage of so many failed marriages & observed the misery of many who were still physically together but had already emotionally divorced. I feared I would fall for a beautiful woman who would later become repulsive to me and/or I to her—both externally & internally. I’d known ABOUT Ann for years. She was a cheerleader & I was an athlete. Then, a moment came when we had our first substantive conversation. I was toast. 41 years into our marriage, she grows more beautiful to me every day. But what if we had never started talking?

And I did the same thing with Jesus. I knew ABOUT Him, but I kept Him at arm’s length. My fears & negative assumptions about what a life of faith in Him would really be like held me back. How wrong I was… & how glad I am that I plunged in! 

I’m guessing that many people who are keeping God and others at arm’s length have things like this going on in their minds & hearts. Of course, we can not help everyone. Still, my hope is that our love & prayers will open doors for a few to relationships and be used by God to melt away some people’s doubts and misinformation about Him. The Scriptures refer to what we long for as “removing the veil” (2 Corinthians 3:15-16). Do it Lord…. Please!


Are there people you have been afraid to get to know better that God may be asking you to take a step towards?

Do you have questions about God or God’s character that you have been afraid to ask? Is there someone who could help you think things through?

Are there people you know who have kept themselves from God and from other people that you could pray for?


Be refreshed.

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