Lessons Learned While Parenting in my 20s

5 Lessons I’ve learned in my first year of motherhood:

1. Trust in God: From the day I discovered that I was pregnant, I knew that the journey of motherhood would be one that would bring me closer to God. The act of handing over my fears to Him day by day throughout my pregnancy, and after my son was born, grew my faith more than anything had before.
2. Self-discovery: Being sleep deprived, confused, and full of different emotions in the first months of being a mom stripped down all of my walls and really showed me who I was and what I put my trust in. It revealed to me a lot of places in my life that needed work, but also reassured me that God truly only gives what you can handle.
3. Don’t compare yourself to others: Being a parent is constantly reminding yourself not to compare your life to those around you. It is so easy for me to see another mom who “has it all together”, and get upset at myself for not having enough energy to do the same. In those moments I remind myself that I am doing the best I can and just because I can’t see that other mom’s struggles, doesn’t mean she has none.
4. Make time for yourself: Making time for yourself means not being afraid to ask for help when you need a break, and pushing aside the nagging thoughts that it is selfish. I’ve discovered that when I have regular breaks to get out of the house or simply take a shower without being rushed, that I am able to be the best parent I can be.
5. You are never too young to be a good parent: Don’t let the world tell you that you are too young to be good parents! God has given you the skills you need to take care of your child(ren), and he will give you the resources you need when you trust in Him. Children are a blessing from the Lord, and it will not be an easy road, but every second is worth it.

Additional resources

  • Other moms in the same season of life
  • Book recommendations from people I trust
  • The Bible

Be refreshed.

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