“You are the Light”

A couple weeks ago, I went to hear a band at a small venue here in Colorado Springs with my friend Jackie. She and I talked for a bit with some new acquaintances who shared a table with us, but eventually, Jackie and I gravitated to a more personal conversation. With real vulnerability, she shared that she had no idea what she was doing for God, if anything. I was astonished! Here is Jackie, an incredibly smart, kind soul who had gone to Europe alone to get a Master’s degree and was now back in the US starting her own business. She’s one of the strongest, most confident and coolest girls I know. I couldn’t believe she was struggling with the thought that she was not having an impact. What could I say?

No more than 10 seconds after her last sentence, one of the young guys from our group moves over and asks, “So, ladies, what is your spiritual position?” I looked over at Jackie as she met my gaze…and smiled. Over the loud beats and sweet melodic vocals of the soul singer, we freely shared our belief and faith in Jesus. We also heard his story and had a great time of exhortation and encouragement. The Good News was shared that night!

God spoke to all of us at that table. For Jackie—and for me—it was a reminder that God is always very much at work and that He puts us where He wants us.

I have a “stronger than most” interest in the local music scene. I mean, I am a rocker at heart, and I’ve had a hard upbringing and some real struggles. Daily, I am aware of my tainted past and am drawn to the foot of the cross, knowing that it has been covered with the blood of Jesus. Even so, at times, I have struggled with my identity as a Christian: how does my troubled past, my true love of music and my desire to serve Him all fit together? Do I as a believer only stay in safe Christian bubbles? What God reminded me that night is that if I had stayed home or had tried to be someone other than who God made me to be, I would not have been there to witness God at work in Jackie’s life or to encourage that young man. I was reminded, “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14).

You are the Good News that people will hear. You are the Bible that people will read. Never underestimate the light that you can bring just by showing up and being yourself.


Be refreshed.

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