Missions vs Work Is Not an Either-or Thing

The cool breeze of French air wafted over the Charles De Gaulle tarmac as we waited to board our flight to Lithuania when it hit me: the Lord uses His diverse body to advance the Gospel in beautiful and diverse ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re in college, a parent taking kids overseas, or you […]

How Carroll Shifted her Career in her Twenties

Carroll left high school, hoping to play soccer in college. She followed that passion into a scholarship at a small Christian school and began pursuing a social work and criminal justice degree. Like many other college students, Carroll was curious if her degree fit her. She did find the classes interesting, but looking back, she […]

On the P.A.T.H.

One of the hardest things about life after college was time. In college, it felt like I had time for everything. Once I started working, it seemed like I didn’t have time for anything. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to spend time in the Bible. I was waking up at 5:30 AM to […]

Big Plans, Small Hoops, & Simple Surrender

One thing I wish I could figure out is how to stop dreaming about “big plans” for my life. I know the trend is to think big and ask God for great things, but when it comes to career choices, my experience has been the opposite: the thing God has consistently asked me to do […]

The Work/Rest Rhythm

For a long time, I dreaded Sundays. I hate sitting still and, as you may have guessed from my last blog post, The Myth of Balance, I have a strong perfectionist streak. Put those two together…and it isn’t pretty. I could never rest in a way that felt right, and I often ended up tired and […]

The Myth of “Balance”

I’ve often been encouraged to find the right work/life balance. I don’t believe this is a concept that is from God, and here’s why. Balance speaks to the pressure to manage life out of limitation or even deficit. Our calendars become a zero-sum game where we strive to get all the parts to fit “just […]

First Day of Discipleship

In my work with students with special needs, it is easy to see God’s hand. I enjoy the work, and I am growing in my devotion to God and in my understanding of His peace in my life and His justice in the world. However, when a friend challenged me to share the things I […]

8 Lessons I Learned about Work the Hard Way

When I graduated from college over fifteen years ago, I set out into the working world hoping to make my mark. I have had a lot of failures and a few successes in my fifteen year career. I thought I would share with you some of my career advice that I have learned the hard […]

A New Adventure

I love new adventures and challenges—hiking volcanoes in Nicaragua or getting lost backpacking in Morocco. So when I transitioned from EDGE Corps (a two-year internship doing campus ministry), grad school became my next “mountain” to climb. I dreamed of a well-balanced schedule and many opportunities to witness to my fellow grad students. The first two […]

My Job, His Purpose

This summer, I am working as an intern. (Right now, I’m pausing my writing – which is also part of my job – to feed sheets of blank labels into the printer.) I know God cares, but as I perform the tasks assigned to me, I often feel like a small cog in a large […]