This Is a Test

Over the last few weeks, as the coronavirus has played havoc with our lives, it has been both deeply encouraging—and frustrating—to see how people are responding. On the plus side, I loved Governor Cuomo’s introduction of “New York Clean” hand sanitizer. Regardless of what we might think about his politics, I appreciate how, in a few […]

Your Leadership Will Benefit from a “Core” Workout

NOTE: This month, NavPress is publishing a new book by a good friend of ours, Tom Yeakley. He and his wife, Dana, spent ten years mentoring ministry leaders in Indonesia before returning to the United States, where they both have been in leadership roles at the national level for The Navigators ever since. Tom has […]

What if my friend is marrying the wrong person?


Giving and receiving wise counsel during serious life decisions can be really healthy since we’re called to live in community, and deciding who to marry can be one of those decisions. However, it can be tricky to navigate what to do when we think a friend might be making a mistake. I’ve told an engaged friend they were […]

Craigslist Friends

The idea that God can work “right where you are” sounds great, but it takes faith! A few years ago, even as Meaghan and I were figuring out life after graduation – marriage, new careers and home ownership – we wanted to be making some type of ministry impact, but we felt lost about how […]

Single and Loving It?

The first time I read the Bible front-to-back was when I was a college sophomore in Boulder, Colorado. That was also the first time that I learned the Bible had positive things to say about singleness. I’d grown up going to church, Bible camp and youth group, yet I’d never heard a message or done […]

Christmas is a Collision of Worlds

Within a few weeks of throwing my lot in with Jesus, I pledged a sorority. It was a collision of worlds. I was an ignorant freshman, a fledgling Christian and a freshly-minted sorority girl. I look around at my new sorority sisters. Hmm, we all look the same. Young, white, well-dressed women, from good-enough families, […]

The Deafening Sound of Silence

I hesitate to write about the racial issues that are plaguing this country because, as a White woman, I feel like I have little to say. And let’s be honest, I am nervous about saying the wrong  thing. But my silence is deafening. At least to my Black friends. I am quick to cry over […]

The Shame Cycle

I’ve spent far too much time asking myself two questions: What is wrong with me? and Why can’t I get it together? These aren’t kind questions. They are condemning. They’re laced with a nasty idea: shame. Up until a few years ago, I wouldn’t have known to call it that. But then a friend gently […]

I Knew You’d Ask

Though it’s late December, I just lived through Groundhog’s Day again. (If you haven’t seen the movie, in Groundhog’s Day, Bill Murray keeps living through the same day until he “gets it right” and breaks the cycle.)  In my case, I was talking with a student who’s trapped in a cycle of sexual sin. It’s a conversation I’ve […]

Community: Not a Replacement for God

Let me be very direct. Why is it that with just about everything, God and others are the focus, but when it comes to community, it’s very easy for things to become all about us? Whether it is intimacy or vulnerability, support or whatever, community can become about what we need. And if we don’t […]